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  • Our New Cinescape Al Kout will be a new experience to our guests, covering 3,800 sqm and accommodating 9 screens including 1 IMAX screen, equipped with 1600+ seats counting 220+ premium seats. Plus, a new curved design for our auditoriums, making it overall a truly unique movie watching experience.


  • Leading the industry with not only numbers but innovation, KNCC aims to be, and currently is the most technologically advanced cinema in Kuwait. As we proceed to introduce a superior cinematic experience to moviegoers in Kuwait, we have raised the bar of the standard movie experience by creating Cinescape Eleven, which is an auditorium located at Cinescape avenues, featuring 307 seats, and combines two substantial technologies in the cinema industry; Dolby Atmos sound system & Barco laser projector.

    Moreover the ticket for this movie experience is sold for the standard price, making it the best money spent to watch a 2D or 3D movie in Kuwait.

    More about the technologies used in Cinescape Eleven. Dolby Atmos is supported by ALL major Hollywood studios and countless international distributors, with more than 400+ titles have been mixed in Dolby Atmos. Installed in over 60 countries and over 100 different facilities worldwide. Totaling to 1,600 screens installed or committed worldwide.

    Barco Laser offers the world's brightest cinema projector. It offers superior image quality with an exceptional brightness level, increased contrast ratio and vivid colors for a radically improved (3D) movie experience. The 2D and 3D images the projector displays are laser-sharp with superbly saturated and uniform color making it capable of showing 4K content at 60 frames per second and 3D movies in 4K.


  • Knowing how moviegoers love to be engaged in the movie, we thought we should take their engagement to a deeper level, a level that exceeds the visual and acoustic limits, to somewhere closer to living the movie. Hence 4DX is now available in Cinescape 360, screen #4 outfitted with 72 seats, and Cinescape avenues, screen #2 outfitted with 84 seats.

    4DX is the first and leading 4D cinema technology for feature films created by CGV’s technology. Since 2009, more than 300 Hollywood titles have been screened in 4DX with 4DX codes created for both major Hollywood blockbusters and local titles. As of February 2016, 4DX reaches over 30,000 seats in operation 249 auditoriums in 38 countries.

    4DX technology allows the audience to connect with the movie through motion, vibration, water, wind, snow, fog, lightning, scents, and other special effects that enhance the overall cinematic experience. Each 4DX auditorium incorporates motion-based seating synchronized with over 20 different effects and optimized by a team of skilled editors, maximizing the feeling of immersion within the movie, beyond the limits of audio and video.